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Warehouse Management System - WMS

With the Warehouse Management Systems it has developed, Datcod enables businesses to make their warehouses more effective and efficient. In addition, it helps to prevent loss and leakage by providing maximum efficiency by digitizing processes.

What is Warehouse Management System?

Warehouse management encompasses the principles and processes involved in running the day-to-day operations of a warehouse. At a high level, this includes accepting and organizing warehouse space, scheduling the workforce, managing inventory and fulfilling orders. Take a closer look and you will see that efficient warehouse management involves optimizing and integrating each of these processes to ensure that all aspects of a warehouse operation work together to increase efficiency and keep costs low.

Warehouse Management System Features

Goods Acceptance Module

Warehouse Management includes the acceptance and quality control processes of your business. It works integrated with other systems used (ERP, Accounting Programs, etc.).

Stock Management Module

It performs real-time inventory tracking with stock management, serial/lot tracking, pallet tracking, shelf tracking, tracking of damaged, rejected and blocked goods. While measuring Product and Vendor performance, it increases your productivity with production planning and forecasting capabilities.

Shipping Module

It works integrated with stock management and checks whether the products reach the right destination on time. In addition, solutions such as FIFO/FEFO loading and prevention of incorrect truck loading make shipping processes more efficient. 

Warehouse Layout and Addressing

It works integrated with the shipping module, and accurate stocking and addressing is critical to monitor on-time shipment, stock accuracy, distribution costs, order cycle time and other important metrics. With the addressing module, we follow the most accurate setup according to your company's needs.


Production; It is a sensitive issue where the most accurate result can be achieved with the integrated work of order, stock planning, estimation and shipment. Datcod  offers you the system in which all processes are integrated. It makes production planning according to the current shock situation with the orders coming with the production line, recipe and workforce planning. 

Order Management

Get support from the Warehouse management system on issues such as order-based stock management or forward-looking stock planning with Order Management. 

What are the Advantages of Using WMS Warehouse Management Systems for Businesses?

Using Datcod Warehouse Management System software ensures that customers receive the right products on time, increases your profitability and provides advantages in warehouse operations. Thanks to Datcod's WMS solutions that work in integration with new generation technologies, you can centralize all operational processes of your business and create benefits at every stage: 

Depoda Stok Alma

Optimizing warehouse processes

A WMS program creates a data warehouse to detect bottlenecks and inefficient processes, from ingesting stock to receiving, packaging and shipping. Thanks to these solutions, the business can better manage its stocks. 

Depoda Çalışmak

Continuous Improvement Power

Process changes are of great importance to ensure improvement in businesses.  Datcod WMS makes it easy for businesses to continuously improve themselves. This contributes to the efficiency and effectiveness of businesses by optimizing the management of returned, damaged or expired products. 

Terasta İş Anlaşması

 Faster business processes

From production to shipping  The speed of businesses increases as all resources and processes can be managed more effectively and efficiently thanks to Datcod WMS software. 

Image by Kaleidico


Datcod WMS software provides integrated services to the business by working in harmony with new generation technologies. You can stay up-to-date with WMS software that can be used on devices with Android operating system and can be integrated with wearable technologies and audio systems.

Esnek Ödeme Planlama

Increasing Flexibility

Warehouse automation program adapts to changes in order volume after a seasonal and cyclical increase in sales or helps the business respond to an unexpected outage. 

Test DatCod WMS

Contact us for free analysis, PoC or discovery studies. Let's analyze the needs of your business and evaluate what we can do together. 

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