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Your Digitalization Partner Datcod

Our solutions

Custom ERP Solutions

We listen to your needs, pass them through a detailed analysis process, and implement digitalization solutions that will fully meet your needs with PoC studies. 

We plan and optimize product, staff or sales team visit planning on digital maps. In this way, we contribute to the management of your resources with maximum efficiency.  

We ensure that all processes, from order to shipment, are managed in an error-free manner by digitizing them. We prevent errors such as loss, leakage, wrong shipment and maximize efficiency. 

Mobile Apps

We carry your business processes to the mobile world with IOS and Android Native applications. We increase the integration and efficiency of your field teams into your business solutions. 


We provide support with our experienced team in your digitalization projects within the periods you specify. 

We Integrate With Your Ecosystem

Contact us now to benefit from Datcod's experience and manage your digitalization processes professionally. 

A free PoC following a detailed analysis run. Let's show you what we can do with the service. 

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